9 Lives

Childhood Joys of Summer: Reflections of my Time at the Beach

In this Visual Assignment we were prompted to compile 9 photos of ourselves that displayed different stages of life.

It is common knowledge that life began in the sea. It is also thought that many people love the beach because the ocean is the place in which all life began. The waves, the wind, the boats, the animals, the sun, the memories, the good times. The beach for many is a place for adventure, relaxation, family time, fun, or a combination of each. The beach for me is my favorite place, particularly Wrightsville, Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina. For as long as I can remember, Wrightsville Beach has been my favorite place on this planet. I have spent the month of August at this beach for my entire life. I chose to only use pictures taken at Wrightsville, Beach for my 9 lives assignment because I think it clearly tells the story of my childhood. Wrightsville Beach was a huge part of my youth so I wanted to explore how I evolved over the years while there. I quickly realized that while I grew older the activities I loved remained the same. The surfing, skim boarding, wake boarding, and boating all remained my favorite things to do. While I changed physically, I realized my passion for water sports remained. While it is only possible for the viewers to notice physical growth, I realized that I had actually changed a lot internally with each photo also. For me this was a learning expierence to note my evolution through the years.



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