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Come See my Laptop, Live!

Assignment: Play DJ & Make a Song: 4 Stars

Music has gone from being created by instruments making natural air vibrations that sooth the ears to living entirely inside the world of a computer. Music in today’s day and age is primarily produced in music production applications on a computer. Lyrics have come and gone from music. A lot of popular rappers do not even attempt to say words anymore. In fact after listening to an evolution of rap video it’s apparent that rap has really gone down hill lately. I wanted to explore what some of the DJ’s who produce this music would be like in real life. The character in the video is a cross between an arrogant condescending DJ and a Donald Trumpian politician.

Scientists say that the human brain is programmed to create, listen to, and respond to many different types and sounds of music. Civilizations from around the world, including primitive cultures have all produced music. Music is very prominent in the Bible, for example, King David was well known for his interest in the harp or lyre. Genesis 4:21 describes Jubal as the inventor of musical instruments. 

As times have progressed, music has progressed with it. It has become more diverse, more ubiquitous and more sophisticated. Yet the origins of music are always present in the rhythms and melodies of music. The image below reflects this progression.

Music Evolution
Music Evolution

Music composition has undergone incredible transformation from spontaneous music to careful orchestration. In classical periods of music, there was mathematical precision to much of music, especially the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Even the appearance of music on the page can be beautiful.

Old Fashioned Sheet Music
Old Fashioned Sheet Music

Synthesizers were elaborate electronic devices that created modern electronic music. It is hard to trace the history of synthesizer because the instrument, if you could call a synthesizer an instrument, is not well defined. The first synthesizer came out in the mid 19th century. Modern day synthesizers like in the image below began being produced in the 1970’s. Complex circuitry drove these complex instruments. They did not exist solely within the confines of a computer program. They were actual physical machines. 

Early Synthesizer
Early Synthesizer

Then there is modern computer software using standard computer platforms that bring music creation to the desktop and makes it available to every school child or adult. Garageband is a particular favorite. It is incredible to note that in the last few years concerts and even entire music festivals are performed without a single instrument. Music made only on computers attract thousands of young music fans for Electronic music. The meme below shows how thousands of young music fans flock to these types of concerts simply to hear a computer play music. 

Come see my laptop Live!
Come see my laptop Live!

It is a sad commentary on our modern world to think that music has evolved from a fundamental aspect of human nature to a “commoditized product” pushed by an arrogant, obnoxious, and financially driven “music-industrial complex.” Even the live performance has been taken over by laptops and effects. I tried to emphasize this idea in the “Epic Battles of History” YouTube video comparing Mozart to Skrillex.

Finally it’s time to see what the jerky DJ’s, some of which I assume are good people, who create this type of music would be like in real life.

Presented below is my Play DJ & Make a Song Production.

(Drum Roll Please.)

Remember this is only a character :).

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Software/Websites Used: Garage Band, Itunes, and Imovie


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  1. Tyler, I must commend you on an excellent use of green screen for your video. Very well done. Nice background changes and you used Garage Band to create your sound. I would recommend for future projects to watch the length of your introduction. The word ok was used over twenty times and you were repeating yourself a little throughout the intro. A little trim here and there would tighten things up so your audience can get to the main course quicker. Keep up the good work with that green screen!

  2. Thanks for the advice! The reason the word ok was used so often was to build go along with the character’s obnoxious attitude!

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