Triple Rocktroll Lyrics

How to Bother Three Fandoms with One Image

Triple Rocktroll design assignment 2 Stars

What’s the easiest way to troll any metal fan? Well one of the major ways is to credit a song to the wrong band. However, that only trolls the fans of two bands. In this project we hit three different fandoms hearts with this troll photo.

Deisgn Assignment Rock Lyrics Final
Deisgn Assignment Rock Lyrics Final

The photo firstly is a picture of a young James Hetfield known for his role as lead vocals and guitar in the rock band Metallica, coupled with the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody by the band Queen and then it is all accredited to Steven Tyler Best known for his lead vocals in the band Aerosmith.

Check out each respective category and notice how they are not the same:

Photo is James Hetfield from Metallica:

Lyrics are Boehemian Rhapsody from Queen:

Lyrics are credited to Steven Tyler:


Old Fashioned Letter Exchange

Guns, Guns, & More Guns

Old Fashioned Letter Exchange Design Assignment : 4.5 Stars

One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic. – Joseph Stalin

For my old fashioned letter exchange project I decided to have a letter from Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States to James Madison, the fourth president of the United States regarding the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. In this fictitious letter, Jefferson is concerned with the 2nd Amendment and thinks it might be dangerous. Jefferson is predicting that the ambiguity in the language of the second amendment could cause future problems. It would be interesting to look if any letters like this really exist about the founding fathers having fears about citizens owning guns.

Letter from Jefferson to Madison
Letter from Jefferson to Madison

In the Twenty-first Century, our country has been repeatedly subjected to the horror, terror, and misery of repeated mass killings in numbers that could not have been anticipated by the framers of the US Constitution and the authors of the Second Amendment.

This database from Mother Jones Magazine gives detailed accounting of each mass killing and provides detailed data regarding the type of weapon used and the consequences of the violence. As the grotesque quote from Joseph Stalin notes, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic.” This shows how gun violence has become so common that we look at the deaths as nothing more than data.

The Federalist Papers themselves leave the reader bewildered as to the meaning of the phrase “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.” The human toll from these mass shooting events cannot be easily discovered.

The events of the Spring of 2016 in Orlando will always remind of us the complexity of the human heart and spirit. An angry man of Islamic belief uses a military-grade weapon to kill dozens of people in a LGBT nightclub. His motives are heavily debated and remain shrouded in mystery. Yet the broken hearts that are left behind are too numerous to count. This mourning and heartbreak are brought back to mind by a gut-wrenching NPR Story Corps presentation reflecting on a similar attack in New Orleans decades before. The emotion in the voice and the points of view expressed could become the basis of novels and memorials for centuries to some.

My image of the letter from Madison to Jefferson traces the origins of this challenging and sad story – how an ambiguous sentence written in colonial rural America could rip open the hearts of countless citizens throughout the ages – a literal and figurative breaking of hearts.

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Image of heart from Google Images:

Create a T-Shirt

The Iconoclast’s Favorite Shirt

Create a t-shirt design assignment : 2.5 Stars

What is a contrarian exactly? To me a contrarian means someone or something that defies common beliefs or practices. The official definition according to Google is “a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in stock exchange dealings.” The term originates from the stock market. Usually the contrarians are the ones who make the most money in the stock market. On a particularly bad day in the market many people are upset because they fear they lost money. Contrarians are usually excited because this is a great opportunity to buy more stock.

Be a Contrarian
Be a Contrarian

The first time I realized I was acting like a contrarian, was on a rainy and cold day at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. It was a nasty day that had chased many beachgoers from their seaside umbrellas into their houses or into town to spend the day indoors. I realized that while it was cold and rainy there was a very strong wind blowing directly out of the south. For me this was a perfect opportunity to go kite surfing. I quickly fetched my gear and was out to the water in no time. The conditions were perfect and I hardly noticed the cold air and whipping rain. However, I had the entire beach and ocean to myself. The only people I could see looked like dots in the far distance. I realized that I was a contrarian by rejecting the practice of going indoors during a rain storm. I realized that day that defying the status quo often leads to better kitesurfing conditions.

In general I try to not follow the crowds but rather contradict them. It can lead to money in the stock market and even great kitesurfing conditions.

Notice how there are few to no people in the video of me kitesurfing.


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Favorite Movie Quote

Expect Us

Favorite Movie Quote Design Assignment : 2 Stars

“People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.”-Anonymous

Throughout history humankind has struggled with power and especially the corruption of power. Estimations show that in the last century there have been 262 million deaths due to “democide,” a term coined by political scientist R.J. Rummel to mean “the murder of any person by their government.” There are many different types of government and it goes without saying that many people favor different forms.

Movie Quote Design Assignment
Quote and image from James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta

V, the main character in the movie V for Vendetta, is a masked vigilante anarchist who fights the fascist regime in Britain. However, it is unclear to the viewers of the movie if he a hero or villain. V participates in bombings and violent acts of disobedience towards his government. V strongly believes in the idea that people should not fear their governments but rather governments should fear their people. He believes the people should have the power and the government should not be more powerful than the people. Check out the full scene here, the exact line is said at the 3:04 mark:

The second amendment to the American Constitution, which at this moment is obviously a very contentious issue, reflects this ideal. Many people believe they need guns to prevent government atrocities and to protect themselves from a tyrannical government takeover. These people are living by this quote.

While this is not the quote I chose to put into my picture, this is one of the main ideas V refers to when he says, “ideas are bulletproof.”

This movie poster acts to tell the story of how anarchists’ views can be displayed in a movie. While this is a super extreme viewpoint in the movie, there are many people who believe in at least some of the concepts and it is clearly reflected in people’s desires to hold onto guns in order to protect themselves from tyrannical government.


Image used in background

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Are We There Yet?

Shredding the Gnar

Are we there yet? Design Assignment : 3 Stars

A cutout of me surfing pasted onto a spider web. I am literally surfing the web another phrase for browsing the internet. It’s a bad joke I know, but it tells a pretty good story.

Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web

I wonder what a person born before the Internet Age would say if you asked them the definition of the idiom “surfing the web.” Many of us millennials often forget that our grandparents and our parents were born before the Internet age.

My dad and I are always teasing each other about life before the internet. The early telephone system was particularly primitive and operators had to physically connect parties to each other.

Old Fashioned Telecommunications
Old Fashioned Telecommunications

For nolstagia’s sake check out some old comedy sketches poking fun at these old fashioned telecommunications by Lily Tomlin:

As you can see it would be impossible for Lily Tomlin or someone from her generation to understand this photo because they do not yet have in their vocabulary the idiom of “surfing the web.” I would like to show this photo to a someone pre internet and see what he or she thinks. It would probably be quite different to one of us. Another interesting experiment would be to show this to a foreign language class and see if they understand the connection. You could show it to a 4th year foreign language student then 5th year and so on and find out exactly what level it takes to understand this. “Surfing the web” is an idiom and it is very difficult for foreign language students to really understand these types of double entendres.


Credit for Photo

Credit for Photo 2

Design Blitz

Quest for the Ultimate Design


This is a photo of an advertisement of a local Italian Restaurant.Anna's Pizza PosterAccording to Visual Impact Systems, the color red and yellow enhance appetite. It is no accident that this advertisement, which is located on the outside window so it is visible to everyone passing by, is primarily red and yellow. In fact, the entire food industry is dominated by the the color red. Red can be seen in countless advertisements and logos for food companies. This link between the color red and yellow and food can be attributed to the fact that people often associate red with a sweet or fruitful flavor. Dark colors are linked to spoiled or rotten foods and can even impact the way a consumer tastes food. Often times, as a tip for weight loss is to eat your food off of a blue plate. The idea is that seeing blue while you eat will suppress your appetite. This advertisement was designed with color in mind as it was made primarily with red and yellow.


Larger than Life Coca-Cola Ad
According to the definition given dominance “establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes first when looking at a design.” There are two aspects to dominance in this scene. First, this advertisement clearly dominates the entire field of vision. When standing in this particular spot and looking north there is no way you could possibly miss this ad. This ad is roughly 6 stories tall and probably about 8 stories wide. The strategy for this ad was to completely dominate the scenery and force viewers to notice it. We can clearly see the ad from anywhere in the general vicinity. The second component is where the eye falls first within the advertisement itself. The viewers’ eye is clearly drawn to the bottle in her mouth. A clear sexual aspect is added to raise interest. This advertisement clearly reflects the design strategy of dominance to convey its message. Dominance is used globally in marketing and advertising, as seen in Time Square and Broadway.


Typography is described as “the visual component of the written word – It is the form in which text is displayed, and the characteristics of the type used.” This restaurant front, namely the Croissanteria sign is clearly a reflection of typography. The C in Croissanteria is actually just a picture of a croissant. It works to pique the interest of the people passing by the street. If they see a picture of a croissant it may make them want one. Also if there is a person who speaks a different language they may not know that a croissant is. However, if they see the picture they could see what is served inside the restaurant. This sign was designed with enhanced typography to catch the eye of the passerby and to increase interest. Typography is also important in the music industry as well as in corporate logos. Many logos use interesting typography to attract attention and build their brand.


“Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements, often with defined intervals between them.” As you can see this building was designed with a repeating pattern of pillars. Each pillar is spaced apart in a way that establishes a pattern.

The great Mosque of Cordoba was begun in 785 and took hundreds of years to build. When the Mosque was first built there actually was no wall separating the hundreds of columns inside from the patio outside, so that all the light could shine through the columns. There were originally trees planted in rows in the courtyard which gave unity to the inner world of the Mosque and the greater world outside.

The dim light of the Mosque in the 21st century requires time for adjustment as I have tried to reflect in this photograph. Only then can we tell that we are surrounded by what appears to be a forest of columns and unlike a church it does not appear to have any single focal point. The Mosque is not only a quiet, awe-inspiring spiritual center; one’s breath is taken away as the columns can appear to continue into eternity. There were once 1200 columns, now “only” 850 which continue to create a surrealistic a beautiful sight.

In addition to the columns are the double-tiered arches–with a beautiful rhythm of alternating red and white colored masonry—they reach out above the pillars and into the air and create the impression of endless graced surrounded by color, light, air, and the divine. The photos below demonstrate in greater detail the rythm of the arches and the organized interval of the columns. Notice how the red and white masonry establish a pattern within the mosque.  UntitledUntitledUntitled

Reference: Great Mosque of Córdoba


All photos on this page were taken on Tyler Gimple’s Iphone in June 2016.