Color Changer

Post Storm Beauty: The Calm after the Storm

Noah’s Ark ain’t got nothin over the happenings on Bright Street where your’s truly, Tyler Gimple has taken up his residence for, you got it, four glorious years at Mary Washington. That’s in Fredericksburg you know. Now, I don’t really know for sure that Noah was really a true live person. He may have just been what they call a Bible Story. My comparative religion teacher said he was just a “metaphor” or something like that. Anyway, Noah’s Ark is a wild story about a big storm and a rainbow. There was a lot of death and destruction in the storm. I mean, a lot of folks died – especially all the evil folks. That was pretty much everyone (except Noah’s family). All the animals died too, of course. Except for two of each species that were hanging out in the Ark.

We got big storms in Fredericksburg too, you know. Big ones. We get big dark clouds with lots of wind and rain and thunder and lightning. It can scare the begeebers out of you. You should see my dog when the thunder starts seriously rolling. He goes nuts. I even found him hiding in the bath tub once during a big storm. Anyway, that’s just a distraction. The point is that Noah and Mount Ararat don’t have nothin on Fredericksburg. We got dark storm clouds, black skys, and yes even rainbows. That’s what these pictures remind me of.  Storms, black skys, rainbows, and scary things. The rainbow is supposed to signify God’s covenant with man that he will never bring on such death and destruction again. Not ever. I really like the top picture because the rainbow comes down right to my house. My bedroom is actually right where the rainbow is coming down. I mean, the rainbow actually comes down right where I sleep and I am still looking for the pot of gold – it must be under my bed or maybe behind my desk. I really do feel fortunate to live there. Just like the rainbow is showing you. So my photos show the good side and the dark side of nature. Maybe that’s what the Noah’s Ark story was about all along.

Original photo was taken on April 7, 2016 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

This visual assignment is the “Color Changer” assignment. It consists of changing the hue of a photo in order to change its appearance. I decided to use a photo I took of my house at my university with an incredible double rainbow in the background. I chose this photo because I had never seen such a well defined double rainbow. This photo was taken immediately following an intense thunderstorm. It was incredible how quickly nature can transform from a nasty storm to such an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Above is the same photo, which was edited using Iphoto. I chose this particular edit because it merges the ominous thunderstorm that just recently passed with the newly established sereneness and tranquility. The dark ground and dark sky represent the recently passed storm whereas the rainbow and light houses represent the beauty following the storm.


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