Daily Creates

Week 4: Georgian Introduction

Week 4: Morning Travels

Week 4: C64 Tyler.

Week 4: Ce n’est pas une poodle. Este no es un Poodle. This is not a poodle.

Week 3: Shadowy Shadow

Week 3: National Spanish Sword Day

Week 3: Now & Then:

Week 3: Defining Moment:

Week 2: Classic Favorite Film in a Tweet:

Week 2: #WallWednesday


Week 2: Mankind vs. The Animal Kingdom

Week2: Because carrot, Am I Right?

Week 1: Classified Ad.

Week1: Draw a picture of your childhood house.

Week 1: Dramatic Sunset in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Week 1: Fibbonacci Numbers in nature. Seen in the spiral of a sea shell.

Week 1: MASSIVE ART. The world’s largest gothic cathedral is in Sevilla, Spain.

Week 1: The latest Lamborghini Murciélago is a car I wish I could afford.