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Are we there yet? Design Assignment : 3 Stars

A cutout of me surfing pasted onto a spider web. I am literally surfing the web another phrase for browsing the internet. It’s a bad joke I know, but it tells a pretty good story.

Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web

I wonder what a person born before the Internet Age would say if you asked them the definition of the idiom “surfing the web.” Many of us millennials often forget that our grandparents and our parents were born before the Internet age.

My dad and I are always teasing each other about life before the internet. The early telephone system was particularly primitive and operators had to physically connect parties to each other.

Old Fashioned Telecommunications
Old Fashioned Telecommunications

For nolstagia’s sake check out some old comedy sketches poking fun at these old fashioned telecommunications by Lily Tomlin:

As you can see it would be impossible for Lily Tomlin or someone from her generation to understand this photo because they do not yet have in their vocabulary the idiom of “surfing the web.” I would like to show this photo to a someone pre internet and see what he or she thinks. It would probably be quite different to one of us. Another interesting experiment would be to show this to a foreign language class and see if they understand the connection. You could show it to a 4th year foreign language student then 5th year and so on and find out exactly what level it takes to understand this. “Surfing the web” is an idiom and it is very difficult for foreign language students to really understand these types of double entendres.


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