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What is a contrarian exactly? To me a contrarian means someone or something that defies common beliefs or practices. The official definition according to Google is “a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in stock exchange dealings.” The term originates from the stock market. Usually the contrarians are the ones who make the most money in the stock market. On a particularly bad day in the market many people are upset because they fear they lost money. Contrarians are usually excited because this is a great opportunity to buy more stock.

Be a Contrarian
Be a Contrarian

The first time I realized I was acting like a contrarian, was on a rainy and cold day at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. It was a nasty day that had chased many beachgoers from their seaside umbrellas into their houses or into town to spend the day indoors. I realized that while it was cold and rainy there was a very strong wind blowing directly out of the south. For me this was a perfect opportunity to go kite surfing. I quickly fetched my gear and was out to the water in no time. The conditions were perfect and I hardly noticed the cold air and whipping rain. However, I had the entire beach and ocean to myself. The only people I could see looked like dots in the far distance. I realized that I was a contrarian by rejecting the practice of going indoors during a rain storm. I realized that day that defying the status quo often leads to better kitesurfing conditions.

In general I try to not follow the crowds but rather contradict them. It can lead to money in the stock market and even great kitesurfing conditions.

Notice how there are few to no people in the video of me kitesurfing.


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