Triple Rocktroll Lyrics

How to Bother Three Fandoms with One Image

Triple Rocktroll design assignment 2 Stars

What’s the easiest way to troll any metal fan? Well one of the major ways is to credit a song to the wrong band. However, that only trolls the fans of two bands. In this project we hit three different fandoms hearts with this troll photo.

Deisgn Assignment Rock Lyrics Final
Deisgn Assignment Rock Lyrics Final

The photo firstly is a picture of a young James Hetfield known for his role as lead vocals and guitar in the rock band Metallica, coupled with the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody by the band Queen and then it is all accredited to Steven Tyler Best known for his lead vocals in the band Aerosmith.

Check out each respective category and notice how they are not the same:

Photo is James Hetfield from Metallica:

Lyrics are Boehemian Rhapsody from Queen:

Lyrics are credited to Steven Tyler:


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