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“People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.”-Anonymous

Throughout history humankind has struggled with power and especially the corruption of power. Estimations show that in the last century there have been 262 million deaths due to “democide,” a term coined by political scientist R.J. Rummel to mean “the murder of any person by their government.” There are many different types of government and it goes without saying that many people favor different forms.

Movie Quote Design Assignment
Quote and image from James McTeigue’s V for Vendetta

V, the main character in the movie V for Vendetta, is a masked vigilante anarchist who fights the fascist regime in Britain. However, it is unclear to the viewers of the movie if he a hero or villain. V participates in bombings and violent acts of disobedience towards his government. V strongly believes in the idea that people should not fear their governments but rather governments should fear their people. He believes the people should have the power and the government should not be more powerful than the people. Check out the full scene here, the exact line is said at the 3:04 mark:

The second amendment to the American Constitution, which at this moment is obviously a very contentious issue, reflects this ideal. Many people believe they need guns to prevent government atrocities and to protect themselves from a tyrannical government takeover. These people are living by this quote.

While this is not the quote I chose to put into my picture, this is one of the main ideas V refers to when he says, “ideas are bulletproof.”

This movie poster acts to tell the story of how anarchists’ views can be displayed in a movie. While this is a super extreme viewpoint in the movie, there are many people who believe in at least some of the concepts and it is clearly reflected in people’s desires to hold onto guns in order to protect themselves from tyrannical government.


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