Week 5 Summary: Final Class Reflection

Week 5 Summary

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Final Reflection:

When I first started this class I was only looking at the assignments and the projects literally. I was trying to simply create the media that satisfied each individual prompt with going above the requirements and creating more innovative and creative content. My grade reflected this as I was not able to get the highest scores in the media created category. After the second week, we moved into the audio and video portions of the course. I was far more knowledgeable about these types of media than I was about visual and design creations. Beginning with the second week I really tried to push myself to create more than what was required. During the audio week I was successful in my goal to go beyond the literal and created far more than what was required. Having achieved my goal in week 3 I believe I achieved it again in week 4.

Another interesting part of this class is how to weave the media created into an actual story. For example, one of the assignments was to simply play a song backwards and leave hints as to what song it was. This assignment really stretched my brain in coming up with a story to go along. How does a backwards song tell a story? I ended up telling a story about time going backwards and used a different voice to tell a story about understanding what time really is. Being a very literal based math lover, mastering the artistic and creative side of storytelling was no easy feat.

During this course I learned how to launch a blogging website that was bolstered by many different social media platforms. I also improved and expanded my craft in Imovie and Garageband as well as learned how to use many different media creating software. This course was definitely a huge time commitment, but the media creations were very satisfying and fun to make. I really enjoyed how many options there were for each of the week’s assignments and the only limits on them were your own imagination. It was fun to really be able to create exactly what you want and not be constrained by too many requirements.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about website development or web design as the lessons learned about creating an effective website are invaluable in today’s day and age.

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Week 5 Comments:

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