Reflection on The Vignelli Canon

One of the points that I thought was significant was the discipline category. I think it is especially important in web design. For a website to be clear and effective it has to be carefully planned and implemented. Organization is a big part of discipline. If a website is unorganized there is no way it can be effective and any viewer will be quick to lose interest in the site. Attention to detail is critical for web design. According to the text, “detail is important because the end result is the sum of all the details.” In the design of my past site I double and triple checked that every detail was perfect. All it takes is one mistake for a site to lose credibility.

My website Homepage
My website Homepage

I worked incredibly hard to pay close attention to detail to make my homepage look as good as possible.

I also think the ambiguity section is important for this class. A lot of the assignments are open to your own interpretation, which allows for ambiguity. For example, the latest assignment in which I created the surfing the web photo, could be ambiguous to viewers. Is this a bad joke? Is it a funny picture with no meaning? Or is this supposed to be a serious photo that teaches us a lesson. The answer to this question is all three. The ambiguity in this photo allows each individual viewer to bring his or her own interpretation.

Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web

Visual Power is a paramount to creating objects that attract viewers. In the website for example, even with top notch content, if the content is presented in a way that is not visually pleasing then it will lose its value or even be skipped over all together.

Color is a huge aspect to the way certain things are presented. For example, it has been proven that warmer colors such as red and yellow enhance the human appetite. This is reflected in many fast food restaurant logos. Many of them are dominated by the color red and yellow.


It is also popular to make tables at restaurants red in order to stimulate appetite. In addition, the color blue and purple are known to suppress appetite. Rarely will you see blue in a restaurant logo.

Another place where color is important and can sway the human psyche is tie color in the presidential debates. The candidate who wears the red tie usually wins the debate.

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney at the 2012 Presidential Debate

The way each of these design aspects is created and integrated is especially important for something like a job resume. Any employer will likely look at the way your resume is presented as a reflection on the type of employee you will be. In addition to the resume, if you present any past work to an employer each of these areas will have a large impact on the way they will see you as an employee.