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¡Bienvenido a España!

Español es un idioma que tiene 470 millones hablantes nativos y cerca de 560 millones hablantes total. Es la segunda lengua del mundo por el número de personas que la hablan como lengua materna. Es hablado en muchos lugares del mundo incluyendo España, y muchas países en America del Sur. Hay mucha gente que hablan Español en los Estados Unidos también. En este momento hay mas que 35 millones hablantes en el EE.UU. Además, muchas estudiantes en los Estados Unidos aprenden Español durante escuela. Por la mayoría de estudiantes, el idioma es un tema obligatorio. A mi, idiomas nuevos eran muy difícil…

I started learning Spanish when I was in sixth grade and continued through high school. During these years Spanish was a class that I was forced to take and really had no interest in it. I struggles through my years of Spanish and could not wait for it to end. When I discovered I had to take four semesters of Spanish at UMW, my first emotion was probably irritation followed by fear of having to relive middle and high school Spanish. I took a semester of college Spanish and actually realized I had learned a lot in high school. The first semester in college I discovered UMW offered a study abroad trip to Spain, which would fulfill my language requirement and would mean I would not have to take anymore Spanish. I decided to go to Spain because it was the easiest way to finish my requirement. However, when I arrived in Spain I quickly realized I could Speak Spanish much better than I realized and  loved the opportunity to use my language skills. I sought out every opportunity to use them. For the Story Map Visual Assignment I chose to chronicle my journey through Spain because it acts to tell the story of the process in which I turned a hatred of a topic into one of my passions. Even after fulfilling my language requirement, I chose to return to Spain to further perfect my Spanish skills. I even took another course that was not required, I actually wanted to take it!

Who knew I would love Spanish!

Check out this link to see my adventures in Spain: Spain 2015 and 2016


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