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Juggling: Literally and Figuratively

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What is juggling exactly? According to the dictionary, to juggle is “to continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others, typically for the entertainment of others.” While this is the literal interpretation of juggling, it is not going to be what I focus on in this story. Focusing solely on the literal interpretation of things is often times boring and if I had to assign a grade to someone who could only do things literally I would probably give him or her a C.

Below is my tutorial on how to literally juggle:

In order to go beyond the bounds of literalness, I am going to teach you about about figuratively juggling. Juggling activities. This summer I am “juggling” three major activities as captured in the image below.

The first activity I am juggling is a full time job. I am a full time summer swim coach for a summer league swim team. My job requires me to work close to 40 hours per week. There are practices every morning from 8:30am until noon and every afternoon from 4:00pm-6:00pm and meets every Wednesday night. In these meets, warm ups begin at 4pm and the final heat is usually not swum until well past 10 pm. Throw in meet entries, which are usually done on Sundays and the team cookouts, bowling trip, and other social events and you’ve got yourself a full time job.

My second activity, by the way these are not in any order of importance or difficulty, is my own personal competitive swim training and competition. I swim everyday except Sundays from 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning. This requires me to wake up at 5:15 every morning. My goal is to swim in both the Commonwealth Games in Waynesboro, Virginia as well as at the Virginia Senior Championship Meet. Senior Champs has “cut off” times (on pages 9-10) that are required to even enter the meet. Believe it or not this meet is swum in the same pool as the 2008 Olympic Trials, which were held in Omaha, Nebraska. The pool was then moved to Richmond, Virginia and is now in the GRAP facility. Don’t ask how they managed to move an entire long course pool half way across the country. 

Morning Alarms
Morning Alarms

Competitive swim training is a very significant physical and mental challenge. In addition to the many hours training in the water, usually 10-12 early morning hours of hard training per week, there is the significant “recovery time” for muscles and joints to rebuild and clear lactic acid. Even finding enough time to eat a properly balanced diet and getting enough sleep can be daunting on scorching summer days.

My third major commitment is taking Digital Storytelling 106. This course, which weirdly enough I am talking about within itself, is also a huge time commitment. It requires hours and hours of work in order to produce each assignment. However, each assignment is extremely satisfying to produce. In this course I have created tons of interesting media and have learned how to tell interesting stories that are bolstered by the media I have produced. So far I have produced visual assignments, design assignments, audio assignments and video assignments, which includes this page. I am especially enjoying learning new techniques in Word Press, Photoshop, Garageband, Audacity, and Imovie. Learning new software is challenging because the opportunities to improve your skills are seemingly endless.

So let’s put it all together and walk through an ordinary day. Wake up at 5:15 am to swim in practice from 6-8 am, rush to the pool were I coach the Fry’s Springs Beach Club and try to grab a bite to eat on the way, coach from 8:30 am until noon, eat lunch from 12:20 until 1. Nap from 1 until 2:30. Leave for afternoon practice at 3:30, coach from 4 until 6. Dinner from 6:20 until 7. Work on CPSC 106 from 7 pm until 10 pm. Sleep for a short while. Repeat. Last week’s Schedule is shown below.

Calendar Week of July 11, 2016
Calendar Week of July 11, 2016

Oh and isn’t there something people call a social life? I’m not sure, haven’t had one of those in a while… So while juggling some small spherical balls is a fun party trick, it is important to be able to juggle your life’s commitments also. 

I hope you can learn three things from me today.

  1. How to literally juggle. ✓
  2. How to figuratively juggle many different activities. ✓
  3. How to make a cool tutorial that teaches others how to literally juggle.

Below is a tutorial that explains how I made the original tutorial on how to juggle. So if you have not learned anything yet you still have one more chance! Watch the video below and you can learn how to make a cool tutorial video.

Tools Used: Imovie

Background video and song: Top Five Juggling: People Are Awesome, Circus Song.

*No poodles were harmed in this production.

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